Kendra and Hank Tie the Knot at Playboy Mansion

“You know gossip Web sites… bunch of bitchy little girls.” Or so we imagine Sam Axe saying to sites like MEDIA TAKE OUT when their little pixilated claws came out after the charming young men’s magazine model Kendra Wilkinson enjoined with known athlete Hank Baskett in a charming li’l marriage ceremony yesterday at the Playboy Mansion.

Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett

(Finally, our little girl gets to wear her own jersey)

It’s a lady’s day to shine (along with her fellow bridesmates like Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt), so fooey on MEDIA TAKE OUT for calling the ceremony “tacky”. Come on; we’re sure the family even painted the shotgun white for the occasion.  Some Web sites have to be the bride at every wedding and the body at every funeral, y’know?

As the not-at-all-creepy helicopter photos show, it was a charming ceremony for 500 people preceded by a not-at-all-tacky trip to Dave and Buster’s for the rehearsal dinner.  Of course, the glowing Wilkinson had to pass on the alcohol for the weekend, but that just leaves more for Hugh Hefner and his busty entourage, no?

And maybe, if MEDIA TAKE OUT is good, they’ll be invited to the birth of their first child this winter.  (No, you don’t get to cut the cord.)  The helicopter shots from that one should be amazing.