Griffey Pays Off $1500 Debt w/Pennies From Hell

In order to pay off a debt he owed to a Reds teammate, Ken Griffey Jr. saved & scrounged every penny he could find - and stuffed 60 boxes of the loose change into the guy’s locker.

Ken Girffey Jr. pennies

Hal McCoy of the DAYTON DAILY NEWS has the funny financial report of Griffey giving pitcher Josh Fogg back the $1,500 he owed him in the most inconvenient way possible.

Fogg arrived at his locker Wednesday morning to find the bunches & bunches of boxes, with exactly 2,500 pennies in each container. Upon seeing his debt repaid this way, all Josh could say was, “That’s good, Griff, real funny. Kick me when I’m down.”

But Griffey apparently warned Fogg that he would fulfill is I.O.U. in such an irritating way:

“I’m a man of my word,” said Griffey. “When you owe a man $1,500, you pay him. You can’t do a whole lot with pennies, can you? Just think, each box weighs 16 pounds so Fogg has 60 bowling balls in his locker.”

That would explain why Junior’s always on the disabled list - he keeps hurting himself hauling around such heavy collections of coins. Time to find a Coinstar at the nearest Kroger, Ken.

In the meantime, what’s Fogg going to do with his plethora of pennies?

“I’m going to take them to bullpen and count them because I have a lot time on my hands.”

There’s a lesson to learn in all this - never lend Ken Griffey Jr. any money, unless you own a penny arcade. But with an $8.2 million salary, why does he need a loan in the first place?