Heads Up, Italian Gals - Kemp’s Coming Your Way

Shawn Kemp is best known for fathering seven children out of wedlock before his 30th birthday, but apparently, he also had a second career as an NBA player.

Shawn Kemp

After suffering through weight issues and legal troubles, Kemp, drafted 17th overall by the Sonics in 1989, was out of the league by 2003. He had a failed comeback attempt during the 2005-06 season and had since fallen off the grid. Until now, anyway.

That’s right, Kemp is following in Dante Calabria’s footsteps and going to Italy.


Kemp … has agreed to play in Italy for Premiata Montegranaro … which plays in the top professional league. …

“I am happy that a player that has made basketball history would come to Montegranaro,” coach Alessandro Finelli told ESPN.

Kemp, 38, is a six-time All-Star who averaged 14.6 points and 8.4 rebounds per game over 14 NBA seasons. During his prime from 1993-97, he averaged 18-20 points and 10-11 rebounds per game, and was known for his incredible athleticism and ferocious dunks.

Ah, yes, good times.

Unfortunately, this is 2008 and Kemp, while still a better athlete than 99 percent of the people on the planet, isn’t close to the player he once was. Finelli describes him as “very motivated,” but after being out of organized basketball for more than four years, I can’t imagine he’ll come close to being the player he was during his NBA career.

On the upside, after sleeping his way through most of America, he’s got an entirely new country to impregnate.

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