Source: Hoosiers To Suspend Then Fire Sampson

Indiana’s Monday night win over Purdue will likely be the last game Kelvin Sampson spends on the Hoosier bench. ESPN reports that the Hoosiers coach is expected to be suspended this week, then eventually fired.

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A source told the Worldwide Leader that this scenario is “by far the most likely” to befall Sampson. Kelvin has put his collegiate employer in trouble by he & his assisants making improper phone calls to potential recruits, and supposedly lying to the school & the NCAA about it.

After the 77-68 win over the Boilermakers, Sampson wouldn’t discuss his employment status with the press - as demonstrated by this post-game exchange:

Reporter: “Do you have any sense of your future?”

Sampson: “No.”

Reporter: “What do you tell your players about the situation?”

Sampson:”That’s between me and the players.”

Reporter: “How do you keep your focus on basketball?”

Sampson: “I think the way our team is playing answers all the questions. The questions you’re asking are all good questions, but I think our play speaks for itself.”

Reporter: “A lot of people are questioning your ethics and standards. What do you say to those people?”

Sampson: “I think the people that know me . . . I don’t know what to say to that.”

But there are other possible choices for Sampson & Indiana. Option #2 has the coach accepting an settlement with the school and resigning this week. While option #3 has IU extending their ongoing investigation past their own Friday deadline.

But those alternate ideas are considered long shots at this point. And many Hoosier fans can’t wait to disconnect Sampson from their program. Skip Myslenski of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE notes that near the end of the Purdue game, a group of fans started chanting Kelvin’s name:

Just as lustily and just as loudly, came a rebuttal, a strong rebuttal as another swath of hometown fans unleashed their own opinions in most succinct form. ‘Boooooo!!!‘”.

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Time to bring back Bobby?

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