Kelvin Claims NCAA Violations @ IU Not His Fault

It’s not Kelvin Sampson’s fault that Indiana had committed several NCAA violations during his reign as basketball coach. Just ask him yourself.

Kelvin Sampson arrest pose

Mark Alesia of the INDIANAPOLIS STAR phones in news that Sampson & two former IU assistants will be heading to Seattle on June 13 to face the NCAA Committee on Infractions. The most serious charges Sampson faces include making unauthorized calls to recruits & lying about it to the university.

But Kelvin already has his defense all set:

On Monday, the coach released his formal response to the NCAA, saying the worst charges against him are “not substantially correct,” he didn’t knowingly commit violations and that IU didn’t monitor him and his staff as it should have.

See? It was Indiana’s fault for not keeping better control of him. How was he supposed to know what’s right & wrong? It’s not like he’s dealt with such a situation before.

$750,000 might not be enough to ease the emotional distress Sampson has had to endure because of this NCAA investigation. Why, if he wasn’t about to join the Milwaukee Bucks staff, who knows how Kelvin would be able to honestly earn his keep.

Kelvin Sampson NBA Phone

Well, Verizon might be hiring.