KJ Responds To ‘96 Police Report On Molestation

Kevin Johnson is learning how dirty the world of politics can be. The former NBA star and Sacramento mayoral candidate spent his Thursday responding to old allegations of child molestation revealed by a mayoral opponent.

Kevin Johnson

The SACRAMENTO BEE reports that local bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who’s also looking to take charge of California’s capital, released a 1996 report from the Phoenix Police Department to the local media Tuesday.

The 159-page report was an investigation into claims that Johnson, while a player with the Suns, had molested a 16-year-old girl. However, after the investigation, no charges were ever filed against Kevin.

Padilla said he requested the Phoenix report after reading about another incident in 2007 that Johnson had inappropriately touched a 17-year-old student at Sacramento High School. However, the girl later took back her story, and again no charges were ever filed.

Johnson response to the release of the ‘96 police report:

“My goal is to make sure first and foremost that I represent this city in a way that is very positive and favorable. Unfortunately, accusations have been made that have been dropped and no charges have been ever assessed toward me. And it’s unfortunate that the timing of these things are being brought forward on a regular basis.”

Johnson’s lawyers are considering whether to sue Padilla for defamation. Meanwhile, Padilla says all he did was just request & distribute a public document. As for any threat of a lawsuit, Leonard declares, “Bring it on.”

First slumlord, now pervert. KJ has a rough campaign trail ahead.