Keith Olbermann Offered Dan Patrrick ESPN Radio Time Slot Turns It Down

• PATRICK SHALL RETURN; OLBERMANN OFFERED HIS SPOT: A source close to the Dan Patrick situation at ESPN tells SbB that Patrick will indeed return to his radio show for, at the very least, the last week of his scheduled shows (Aug. 13-17). Production has already begun to chronicle highlights of past shows during that time.

Dan Patrick Keith Olbermann

We can understand why ESPN has given poor staffers a month to clip those so-called highlights. They’re likely having about as much success as the metal director guys underneath the Santa Monica Pier.

Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reports ESPN has offered the time slot vacated by Patrick on ESPN radio to Keith Olbermann.

Keith Olbermann Porn Star

Olbermann, of course, quickly dismissed the offer: “I don’t think with my other jobs I could give it as much as the company and listeners deserve. Plus, my motivation has been working with [Patrick].”

Hoffarth also notes that one of the Patrick’s reasons for leaving the network was he was about to be replaced on ABC’s NBA studio show by Stuart Scott (uh, isn’t that a reason to STAY?).

• ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ: Victoria Beckham will guest tonight on Leno. Not David. We’re guessing there may be a Leno show guest booker not invited to a post-show round of karaoke at Dimples.

David Beckham

Meanwhile, Dan Steinberg has the definitive account of AEG’s Theatre of the Absurd L.A. Beckham unveiling (”event suite?”).

• Percentage of respondents to a CHICAGO TRIBUNE web poll that voted “yes” to the question, “Do you want Mark Cuban to be the next owner of the Cubs?”: 71%

• WINNING THE TURNOVER BATTLE has (cellphone?) video of young girls chasing Brady Quinn - and a guy yelling “Brady you’re hot” at the Cleveland QB (we know, it’s really stupid, but when it comes to our man BQ, we. just. can’t. control. ourselves.):

Brady Quinn

• WE NEVER KNEW SABAN WAS SUCH A RESUME PADDER: LOSER WITH SOCKS has CBS SPORTSLINE’S Mike Freeman accusing the Univ. of Alabama of being the biggest cheater in college football. Speaking of cheaters, Freeman was once fired from a job for George O’Learying his resume.

• We have sighting of a no doubt sleep-deprived Will Leitch in the NEW YORK TIMES.

Will Leitch Lebron James Kobe Bryant

The Deadspin Editor applies a Voltaire-esque piledriver on a particularly inspiring Brand of pro athlete.

• We just hope this story doesn’t give John Daly’s former wife Sherrie any ideas:

John Daly

• SbB’s move to Word Press is approaching. And there will be a new design as well, which we’re sure everyone will just love. Probably a week or so away. Maybe sooner.