Keeping Abreast of Anna Benson

• BUGS AND CRANKS keeps abreast of what Orioles missus Anna Benson has been up to:

Anna Benson

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS mugs for the camera, as they offer their Faces of the Franchise, both AL and NL versions.

• Due to a new Ricky Williams-influenced rule, CTV barks out news that it will be ruff for Michael Vick to try playing in the Canadian Football League.

• FAN NATION calls its cable provider, as an HBO series might have influenced Larry Johnson to return to the Kansas City Chiefs:

Larry Johnson Chiefs

• SIGNAL TO NOISE breaks out the cigars, as Leinart & Urlacher congratulate Brady on his new bundle of joy.

• The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS delves deep into the manly emotion of glove love.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT holds their breath as they witness who sinks or swims in thee World Underwater Hockey Championship:

Underwater Hockey

• NEW YORK NEWSDAY knows no good deed goes unpunished, as Stephon Marbury’s donation of 3,000 basketball shoes might be a violation of Title IX.

• NEWS GROPER has the skinny on why A-Rod may be joining the He-man Women Haters Club.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA inks along with yet another review of athlete caricature t-shirts:

Kareen Abdul Jabbar Caricature

• PATRIOTS DAILY has a bad notion that Drew Bledsoe doesn’t like football.

• RUMORS AND RANTS picks who they think will be #1 for UFC 74.