KC Star Writer, MU Grad: Nebraska Fans “Inbred”

Mike DeArmond is the longtime Missouri football and basketball beat reporter for the KANSAS CITY STAR. He’s also an alumnus of Mizzou, class of ‘72.

(Coffee much?)

Saturday DeArmond appeared on a Kansas City TV pregame show for the Missouri-Nebraska football game to give his opinion on something that can be a sore subject for more Kansas Citians than you know.

That is, dealing with local Nebraska football fans, Kansas Jayhawks hoops fans and St. Louis Cardinals baseball fans. During his TV appearance, DeArmond originally was asked what he thought of Nebraska football fans, whom he proceeded to lump together with KU and Cardinal fans:

“There are Cardinal baseball fans, there are Kansas basketball fans and there are Nebraska football fans. They were all born of the same parents. They’re all inbred, separated a birth because they’re all just impossible to handle.

“They think the world revolves around them. They think that no one should possibly question their moral superiority and therefore anytime anybody beats Nebraska it’s a good day.

“When Missouri beats them, because I happen to cover Missouri, it’s easier to write a story when Missouri beats Nebraska because it’s impossible to write a story when Nebraska beats Missouri.”

A little strange to hear that from a so-called objective reporter. Though the P.T.I. and Around The Horn ESPN -wrought trend we’ve been force-fed means DeArmond’s hyperbole is the new normal for formerly down-the-middle, media oldsters.

DeArmond would’ve never, ever said such a thing 10 years ago. Or even five. But now I suppose it’s cool to be Woody Paige, Tim Cowlishaw or Jay Mariotti.

I grew up in Kansas City, but unlike DeArmond, didn’t attend any of the four major schools (KU, K-State, MU, NU) that feed into the city’s population. Nor did I have family members who attended the schools. So I consider myself a completely objective observer of fans of those teams - at least as it pertains to DeArmond’s K.C..

I can’t really disagree with DeArmond’s assessment of the unceasing arrogance of KU hoops and Cardinals baseball fans. Especially Kansas basketball fans, who, next to MU, are the most mean-spirited of the group.

Also important to note that when K-State football was flying high, nouveux-riche Wildcats football fans also contributed a significant annoyance quotient to life in Kansas City.

Big 10-bound Nebraska is a different story. Husker fans are widely recognized as the classiest fans in Big 12 country and will be an enormous loss for the conference. If DeArmond ever journeyed outside the pressbox at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, he’d know that.

I’d love to be able to rip Husker fans, but they won’t let me. I’ve covered SEC, Big 10, Big 12 and Pac-10 football and Nebraska fans are as good as it gets.  Knowledgeable, supportive, classy, gracious. Hard to root against them once you get to know them. (Especially now that Bill Callahan’s gone.)

The irony of DeArmond’s comments is that he himself displays the characteristics of the most disagreeable (and unidentified) of all local K.C. faithful: The miserable Mizzou fan.

All due respect, but take a good long look at- and listen to- DeArmond. Tells you all you need to know about a Missouri fan.

That and an empty trophy case.