Baseball Wives Called “stupid b….” On DFW Radio

As a Royals fan, we’re constantly scouring the four corners of the sports universe for ways to stay interested in baseball’s Wal-Martians.

George Brett Claudia KTCK

(The Royals aren’t faking their dismay - unlike the lungs on KTCK’s Claudia)

Jeff Flanagan keeps us going for another week, reporting today that some show hosts on KTCK-AM in Dallas played “stupid b—-” drops during an on-air interview with the wives of Royals players Alex Gordon and Luke Hochevar.

The fun part is that Gordon and Hochevar are slightly pissed - and the Royals are playing the Rangers in Big D beginning tonight.

The two guys involved on KTCK-AM’s end we assume are afternoon hosts Mike Rhyner and Corby Davidson (though we might be wrong, Flanagan doesn’t name them). They’ve since refused to back down after the Royals demanded an apology (attn Royals front office: this isn’t Cowtown, where the local yocal media wears kneepads).


(Royals PR Guy Mike) Swanson said he did get an apology from KTCK program director Jeff Catlin, though Swanson added that the show’s hosts would not be permitted to air a show from Surprise Stadium next spring when the Royals are the designated home team.

“My main concern now is that no one tries to start anything with Alex while we’re in Texas,” Swanson said. “If those guys have credentials they can obviously enter the clubhouse. But we just don’t want any more incidents.”

That’s a backdown from Swanson and the club if we’ve ever heard it.

Now, we’re certainly not endorsing what the hosts did. We don’t think the drops were funny. It was a cheap shot on two defenseless ladies. But if we had to fill an afternoon from Rangers Spring Training, we’d probably resort to worse (lighting ourselves on fire?).

At this point for us, when it comes to the Royals, we don’t give a damn what the organization is pissed about. The player’s wives don’t deserve to be abused, that’s for certain. But when it comes to the franchise (see David Glass), which has been stealing money from the fans for decades without any commitment to getting better, we’re actually happy to hear that they care enough about something to be upset about it.