Kazemi: Police Now Thinking She Was Murdered?

Interesting to note that Nasvhille police have still not confirmed that Sahel Kazemi, the 20-year-old mistress of Steve McNair who was found dead with him on Saturday, was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Local authorities, after leaning to rule the crime as a murder-suicide, have now seemingly changed their stance on the killings. (Something that comes as zero surprise to me.)

Sahel Kazemi Inside Steve McNair's Condo Where Murders Took Place

(Photo of Sahel Kazemi inside condo where she and McNair were murdered)

How else can you explain police now telling the TENNESSEAN that an investigation will “take many days of interviews with their families and friends and witnesses who saw the 36-year-old McNair out on the town Friday night before police will rule whether the deaths were a murder-suicide or a double homicide.”

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

And then there’s this:

It will be weeks before toxicology tests reveal whether either of them had alcohol or drugs in their systems. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and explosives are tracing the gun’s registration to determine whether it belonged to McNair or someone else. McNair is licensed to carry a handgun in Tennessee.

BALONEY. The police will know the results of those toxicology tests in a couple days. Not to mention the gun registration. The local authorities are sandbagging the timeline to get the media off their back in the case. So we’ll forget about it - and allow them to be more effective in the investigation. And that’s fine by me.

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There are just so many details of this case that don’t add up. McNair’s friend not calling police for an hour after discovering the bodies. McNair reportedly having his life threatened at a local bar the night before the killings. McNair’s wife saying she hadn’t seen him in two days. (I’m not accusing her of anything by the way.)

Sahel Kazemi Boyfriend Keith Norfleet Myspace Message

(Myspace message of Keith Norfleet, Sahel Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend)

And then there’s Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend Keith Norfleet, who in an interview with the TENNESSEAN, knew intimate details about Kazemi’s relationship with McNair. He also stated that he made a Saturday morning visit to McNair’s condo - but never said why. What the hell?

Keith Norfleet Photo Sahel Kazemi's Ex-Boyfriend

(Keith Norfleet, Sahel Kazemi’s former longtime boyfriend)

Last night I posted the rather ominous message on Norfleet’s now-private Myspace account. Perhaps even more interesting though is the since-deleted status message of one of Norfleet’s friends on Myspace, “Jett Jackson“. Jackson’s account has since been deleted, but I saved a screen shot of it. Posted after the jump.

Note the date of Jackson’s last login, July 2. The two bodies were reportedly discovered on Saturday, July 4. Just pointing the discrepancy out, not accusing anyone of anything here - yet. You have to believe though that police are interested in Jackson’s Myspace message. Or more specifically, the timing of it.

Jett Jackson Friend of Ex-boyfriend of Sahel Kazemi Myspace Message

(Black box covers the word f–k)

From the outset, I never even consider Kazemi as a suspect in McNair’s death. I think there was a third party involved. With all the reported information out there, there’s really no way to definitively conclude that Kazemi murdered McNair and then took her own life.

And now the police, after initially implying this was an open-and-shut murder/suicide, are now they’re saying the investigation into what happen could take weeks or months?

Sahel Kazemi Inside Steve McNair's Condo Where Murders Took Place

My guess is we’ll have an information embargo from police for the next few weeks, then a bomb will drop and we’ll get a suspect in the what could be two murders. There’s just too much out there to conclude otherwise.

But don’t look for breaking news on this case from the sports media, it clearly can’t get away from the story fast enough. Thank goodness for blogs.