Kate Hudson, A-Rod Go Public With Their Love

Boy, seems like a while since we’ve had any crazy A-Rod news, doesn’t it? Turns out that when the Yankees are actually playing good baseball on the field, the New York media doesn’t need to squeeze back-page headlines out of every move Rodriguez make and every word he says.

A-Rod Alex Rodriguez Kate Hudson

The latest rumor to make the rounds about the Yankees’ purple-lipped slugger was that he’d been seen getting mighty close to actress Kate Hudson. But yesterday, it went from gossip page fodder to Real News, and so here we are.

The happy couple engaged in the above lip lock for the cameras yesterday at a Yankee Stadium postgame picnic. Yankee Stadium has postgame picnics? NEW YORK DAILY NEWS ’splains:

A-Rod went 0-for-4 Saturday - but he made it to first base anyway.

The randy Yankees slugger and stunning actress Kate Hudson put on a very public display of affection for the first time, locking lips during the team’s annual family picnic.

Hudson, 33, was also spotted giving Rodriguez a big squeeze as the lovestruck pair canoodled following the Bombers’ loss to the Oakland A’s.

A-Rod’s focus wasn’t just on his flaming hot new gal pal. The Yankees star also spent time playing with daughters Ella, 1, and Natasha, 4, who were dressed in their Yankees best.

Only the New York media would describe such a scene as randy, and follow it up with a subtle “flaming” dig at A-Rod. OK, fine, they’re dating. Kate Hudson certainly has a type. We’re happy to put up with the gossip rag stuff when the Yankees are collapsing - it adds to the schadenfreude. But when they’re good? Just doesn’t have the same bite. Do us all a favor, Yanks, and get down to your usual business of imploding. Thanks.