Katarina’s Playboy Past Too Provocative For ESPN

We’re a little camera shy, so we’ll take our next Philippe order to go.

• Is Katarina Witt’s Playboy past too worrisome for the Worldwide Leader?

Katarina Witt skating

Bruce Pearl uses the ol’ hug excuse to text Erin Andrews. Does this guy know how to operate or what?

• A funny photo of Kyle Korver cowering on the court.

David Stern puts the hammer down on homer TV announcers.

Bill Cowher puts in an appearance at Penn State. Just be careful where you’re driving, Bill.

Trent Green is headstrong about finding another NFL job.

Trent Green head down

Warren Sapp retires, Raiders don’t care.

• With an arena tax approved, Oklahoma City takes one step closer to securing the Sonics.

• The goggles, they do nothing against these sour soccer shirts.

• A distraught Brett Favre fan stops tosses his Packers shirt out in the cold. He could have donated it to these new twins, instead.