Kareem Locked Out Of Garden For Finals Game 1?

Lakers icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was in Boston for Game 1 of the NBA Finals to work the game as an analyst for COMCAST SPORTS NET’s regional New England broadcast.

Kareem Adbul-Jabbar SbB girl Denise

(If Kareem had SbB Girl Denise with him, think he’d have been stonewalled?)

There was just one problem: he couldn’t get into the arena. The BOSTON HERALD tells us that a credential-less Kareem was refused entrance into the TD Banknorth Garden for Thursday night’s tussle.

He was then sent to the players entrance (because he’s tall?), but couldn’t get in there. So he went back to the media entrance where, finally, WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton came to his rescue by ringing up an NBA gatekeeper. Kareem was overheard telling Burton, “It’s got to be the ghost of Red (Auerbach).”

Actually, he was complaining about how racist he found the new Dr. Seuss movie. But since when does Kareem need credentials? Does anyone working a Celtics-Lakers game not know who Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is? Okay, he’s Muslim, but if he was going to blow up Boston, don’t you think he would have done it twenty-some years ago?

I mean, he already had his eyes protected and everything…