Saint Reggie Snubs Kardashian At Training Camp?

Training camps are where you separate the men from the boys, where battles are fought for playing time and multi-million-dollar contracts, where players prepare themselves for the struggle of the long NFL season, each of them working hard enough to earn a Loaded Steakhouse Burger from Burger King. It’s also a place where, if you’re Reggie Bush, you snub your girlfriend in front of dozens of fans.

Kim Kardashian at Saints camp

Word on the street is that while Kim Kardashian was working the crowd at today’s Saints scrimmage, Reggie Bush ignored her constant pleas for him to pay attention to her.


It’s nice to see that Kim made it out to the on family day today and she looked good despite the ridiculous heat. She was also all most of the (male) media contingent could talk about while we waited for Sean Payton to do his press conference.

Reggie Bush, though, was not impressed. OK, I don’t know that for sure, but Kim did try to get Reggie’s attention several times, even waving at him once, but the Saints running back did not awknoledge her. Either he just thought random fans were calling his name or he was just that focused his tasks or (COMPLETELY UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIM ALERT!!!) their relationship is on the rocks and he’s not speaking to her.

Kim Kardashian red lingerie

True or not, the important thing is that the rumor allowed us to post another photo of Kim Kardashian. And that’s good enough for us.