Kansas State Football Schedules Tougher Opponents Ready To Go Back Where It Belongs

K-STATE FOOTBALL READY TO GO BACK WHERE IT BELONGS: The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that second-year Kansas State football coach Ron Prince is throwing off the scheduling strategy of the only man who ever led the Wildcats to consistent winning records, Bill Snyder.

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Snyder was notorious for scheduling non-conference opponents who were, ahem, less than competitive. But Prince now is ready to upgrade that part of the KSU slate, with future games against UCLA, Virginia Tech, Oregon, Louisville, Auburn and Miami.

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The current KSU coach’s famous last words: “Where we are in the development of our team and our program, I think having the opportunity to go play those kind of opponents will do nothing but benefit us.

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As a kid who grew up in Kansas City, there were very few things I could count on when it came to the sports scene.

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KU basketball always seemed to find it’s way to the Final Four and come through in the clutch in the postseason. The Chiefs were miserable, year-in and year-out. The Royals were perennial World Series contenders. And K-State football was always there to cure what ailed you, since laughter is the best medicine.

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Nice to know at least one of those things may back to life.