Kansas State Basketball Fans Really Really Need A Hug Tonight

K-STATE FANS REALLY, REALLY NEED A HUG TONIGHT: There were lots of memorable American entertainment moments in the fateful year 1983.

You had the feature film that suddenly made non-lumberjacks feel right at home with a chainsaw in their hands in “Scarface”.

George Brett losing his pine at Yankee Stadium.

And the video game that introduced pre-teens to wonderful world of bowling alleys - without the bowling - in Donkey Kong.

Kansas State beats KU in Manhattan in 1983

If you lived in Manhattan, Kansas, you remember fine dining finally arriving in Aggievile, when Steak and Ale opened its doors. And making the amazing discovery that urinal cakes weren’t really cake.

Oh, and 1983 was also the last time K-State spiral-sliced the Kansas Jayhawks in the Little Apple in basketball:

Kansas State beats KU in Manhattan in 1983