KSU Asst. Brings in Bucks for Bringing in Beasley

MONEY PLAYERS bounces along news from ESPN’s Andy Katz about Dalonte Hill’s new colossal contract. The Kansas State assistant basketball coach was instrumental in bringing Michael Beasley into the Wildcats’ program.

Dalonte Hill Michael Beasley Kansas State

So, what was Hill’s reward for getting Michael to Manhattan? A hefty new 5-year contract - weighing about $420,000 a season.

Pretty steep price tag for an assistant, no? Well, consider the dividends.

From Katz:

Beasley is now gone after one remarkable season in which he helped make Kansas State nationally relevant in college hoops, something that a public relations staff could never have delivered. He also led the Wildcats to the NCAA tournament’s second round. And he will likely will be a top two pick in the NBA draft on June 26.

K-State AD Bob Krause defends the high-priced deal, saying he’s looking long term at keeping Hill on campus & keeping the Wildcats in the spotlight:

“A youngster like Michael Beasley is a once-in-a-lifetime [player],” said Krause, who took over for former AD Tim Weiser on April 4. “We have youngsters in the queue, and Dalonte and the entire staff is a big part of that. We’re looking at a long-term investment.

“You can throw money at stuff but that’s not the point,” Krause added. “You’re making an investment to keep the momentum going.”

Maybe a few years ago, we would have been shocked & surprised at such a preposterous paycheck for someone who’s not even a head coach. But with so may players skipping out of school after one year and coaches bolting this way & that (i.e. Bob Huggins), it just reaffirms our belief that college basketball is nothing but big business.

While some might question K-State giving so much money to a 29-year-old assistant, it is a smart business move. When who have an employee who brings such prestige (and profit) to your outfit, you reward him for his good work & loyalty. But if you don’t treat such special employees right, they’ll take their talents elsewhere - and by continuing such miserly practices, your company will soon be kaput.

So what if Dalonte’s getting almost 500 grand? Look what he’s done for Kansas State basketball. And time will tell if Hill is such a good investment. If the recruits keep coming, Bramlage Coliseum keeps filling & Wildcat jerseys keep selling, then K-State can consider it money well spent.