KU-MU TV Ratings Obliterate Chiefs Numbers In KC

MARK MANGINO AS TV SPOKESMODEL JUST HIT AN UPTICK: Jeff Flanagan of the KANSAS CITY STAR reports the TV ratings for the KU-MU game in Kansas City obliterated the next-day ratings for Raiders-Chiefs in the KC.

Kansas Fan Dragging Tiger

Saturday the college game earned a 38.6 rating, while the NFL broadcast netted a 31.8 on Sunday. The Chiefs top number this year is a 34.8 in an earlier game against Oakland.Flanagan adds, “Last year’s BCS title game between Ohio State and Florida? That drew a ho-hum 18.2 rating in Kansas City.

Mangino Is Thinking Arbys

With viewership like that, a Swanson’s Mark Mangino Hungry Man frozen dinner ad spot for the KU bowl game has to be in the offing.