Kansas Citys First Gay Sports Bar More Than Mere Cocktail Lounge

KC GAY SPORTS BAR MORE THAN MERE COCKTAIL LOUNGE: It’s long been an ancient dilemma faced by teevee tracking homosexual men who frequent public houses featuring flat panels: American Idol or the NCAA basketball tournament?

Ryan Seacrest Closet Gay Sports Bar

The KANSAS CITY STAR has the happy news that the local bar “Outa Bounds”, which caters specifically to gay sports fans, has chosen to follow the bouncing balls.

It’s a source of pride for me, as a KC native, knowing that this particular sports space is also providing locals with a major groundbreaking feature for gay bars: Windows.

Gay Fans Panthers NFL Game

The Star gives the details to a grateful city: “Take a drive past Missie B’s or Buddies Lounge and the other gay spots in midtown, and there are either no windows or, if they do have them, the blinds are drawn. Most gay bars have chosen over the years to shield themselves from the community at large.

The bar has also been a major boon to the Kansas City Royals for all the right reasons, considering that while “local sports fans give up on the Royals by May, gay sports fans have other reasons to stay interested. Last summer, it seemed like every time Royals center fielder and universal heartthrob David DeJesus came to the plate, somebody at Outa Bounds yelled, “DAVID’S BATTING!’

David DeJesus Gay Bar Borat

I’m sure you’re aware that the very happy side of sports has in been spotlight of late, with the news of former NBA player John Amaechi and former NFL player Esera Tuaolo declaring their homosexuality to an extremely interested public.

Anderson Cooper John Amaechi Sitting In A Tree

So it’s a bit of a surprise that when Tuaolo actually paid a visit to Outa Bounds recently and “joined in on karaoke“, the media didn’t manufacture a story that wasn’t there cover it.

Esera Tuaolo

Perhaps the sports press was a bit turned off that night by Tuaolo’s medley of Barbra Streisand chart-topppers.