Blog-O-Rama: Kansas City Royals Sign Ray Liotta

• The KANSAS CITY STAR finds it funny, finds it amusing, thinks the Royals are clowns for signing Ray Liotta:

Joe Pesci Ray Liotta Goodfellas

• The BOSTON GLOBE hits the campaign trail, as Sen. John Kerry wants to promise a Dec. 29 Patriots-Giants game in every pot.• The TOLEDO BLADE registers news that the city may soon be overrun with Walleye and Woodpeckers.

• THE LOVE OF SPORTS has new-found lust for the ladies’ links, as they say ‘rrrawrrrr’ to Anna Rawson:

Anna Rawson

• CONSTRUDA has to go waaaaaaay back to find Heisman winners who’ve done well in the NFL.• Hard to believe, but VEGAS WATCH thinks the Dodgers were smart in their signing of Andruw Jones.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED can’t resist the charms of Kwame Brown and his exciting New Year’s Eve party plans:

• JOE SPORTS FAN slams down their list of the 7 most underappreciated dunkers.• Despite things going so well, the DETROIT FREE PRESS learns that Pistons prez Joe Dumars is always open for a trade.

• Fresh off his ‘Dancing With The Stars’ stint, JEN’S FREE THROWS has some further suggestions for Mark Cuban to display his on-air talent:

Mark Cuban Dancing With the Stars

• Qualcomm Stadium has been host to a lot of events in its history - Chargers games, wildfire victims sheltering, professional paintball championships.• China’s CRI reports that Yao Ming is sharing everything with his new wife, including commercial face time.