‘Hawks Have The Floor - KU Buys Final Four Court

The Kansas Jayhawks have the floor - and it’s the one on which they won this year’s NCAA basketball national championship.

2008 Final Four center court

The LAWRENCE WORLD-JOURNAL reports that Kansas is all set to purchase the actual court that was set up in the Alamodome, where the Jayhawks knocked off North Carolina & Memphis to claim the 2008 crown. Estimated cost for the Final Four floor space is around $35,000.

So, what exactly will the school do with it?

Why, cut it up & sell it as souvenirs to the Jayhawk faithful! KU associate AD Larry Keating waxes on about the details:

“We’ll probably do something similar to what we did with the old floor at Allen Fieldhouse we took up two or three years ago, have it cut in pieces and sold as replicas of the tournament.”

Come on, are people really willing to buy pieces of a basketball floor?

“There’s been a lot of interest (from KU fans). People know this is something that can be done,” Keating said of the Final Four champion school getting the opportunity to purchase the floor from Connor Sport Court International. “So many (fans) have already asked about buying a piece of the floor, we feel it’ll be worth it.”

Hey, why shouldn’t Kansas mop up some more moolah from their fans? And why not individually number each chunk of court, with an accompanying certificate of authenticity?

Collect ‘em all!

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