Kandi Man Won’t Be Goin’ Back to His Old School

Yet another curious tale has been logged in the curiouser fever dream that passed for Michael Olowokandi’s sporting career. The son of a Nigerian diplomat picks an American school (Pacific) almost at random to allow him to play basketball on his own dime and launches into perhaps the most catastrophic NBA career arc that didn’t involve motor vehicle crashes.

(It was this or show you video of Kandi Man ‘playing’ basketball)

Onto the tale: a Pacific official not exactly steeped in the NBA tradition was just one of many that saw the tall drink of Nigerian water as the stanchion for a dollar sign, which is why he wrote Olowokandi just before his draft day to demand one million dollars from him and his NBA team-to-be for their troubles.

The Kandi Man did not take it well and effectively cut ties with the school. He’s been there, at best, a few times since graduation.

Though we can understand Olowokandi’s disgust in not going back in the first few years, we also understand any school official that’s initially baffled by his reluctance to visit (and probably donate) to the school to this day.

Still, if basketball had treated you as it did Olowokandi (rich to the pocket; poor for the soul), would you want to revisit the scene of the crime on a regular basis? Hell, we wouldn’t be surprised if Olowokandi had all the rear view mirrors in his cars ripped out. No looking back for him.