JUST SKIN, BABY: Danielle Gamba, 20, has been…

JUST SKIN, BABY: Danielle Gamba, 20, has been fired as an Oakland Raiderette cheerleader after the club discovered nude photos of her on a softcore porn website.

Gamba: "I worked hard to make the Raiderettes and was looking forward to the season. I’m not sure why they had a problem. There have been other Raiderettes in the past who posed sexy for various magazines and didn’t get fired."

Gamba also appears in the official 2004 Oakland Raiderette calendar.

Well at least the Raiders have their priorities straight. It’s cool to break someone’s face - but not pose nude.

Striking a blow for heterosexual women in surburban Detroit, the DETROIT FREE-PRESS reports Mariah Carey’s Sept. 9 concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills would bump Game Five of the WNBA Finals from the building if the Detroit-Cowtown series gets that far.

The game would instead be played at Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit. If that happens, it would be the second time in a month that one the top WNBA teams in the league was banished from its home arena.

Last weekend, the L.A. Sparks were barred from playing at Staples Center, and forced to play in less-than-inviting conditions at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, because of a similar conflict with the American Idol tour.

I guess that this proves out the assertation that Wimbledon is still the Lesbian Super Bowl, not the WNBA Finals.

Meanwhile, the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS reports the WNBA has seen a "steady decline" in attendance since 1998, when the league drew an average attendance of 10,864 during its second season.

The WNBA "hit an all-time low this season" at 7,480. Barely 6,000 fans attended the Storm-Sparks Western Conference playoff game on August 22.

Natalie England of the Express-News has some of the innumerable reasons people are running, kicking and screaming, from WNBA games: "The pace of a typical WNBA game goes like this: shot-miss-rebound-turnover-miss-rebound-foul-free throws.

"Furthering the boredom is that most teams still average in the 70s, although the switch to the 24-second shot clock this season did quicken the pace somewhat."