Just Let the Sox Keep The Title And Call It Good

We’ve gotten to that point in the hubbub about Game 5 of the World Series that it’s now been “gated.” Yup, “Weathergate” has arrived. (Wouldn’t “Watergate 2: Cruise Control” be appropriate, though?) It looks like there’s a decent chance that the rain will have passed by game time tonight, but since it will be 8:37 before the first pitch of the bottom of the 6th inning arrives, it’s going to be very cold and still very windy.

Wet Philly Fans

(These two were just out of college when Game 5 started)

Bud Selig has another big problem on his hands tonight, one that involves deciding whether or not it’s OK to play baseball when the wind chill is only in the 20s. It’s not uncommon for teams to postpone games early in the season due to cold weather, even if it’s not raining. Selig now has to set the precedent for what is considered “acceptable conditions” for continuing the series. For what it’s worth, the forecast for Thursday night looks downright summer-like by comparison.

Of course, everyone has an opinion about all this. A roundup of sorts after the jump.

• Selig actually takes the blame in Richard Sandomir’s NEW YORK TIMES column for not informing FOX, nor anyone in the media, about his plan to finish the game no matter what. Which makes you wonder if that really was his plan, or if he just was able to claim it was after the game was tied.

• While this is the first World Series game in the 105 years of its existence to be suspended, the BOSTON GLOBE’s Nick Cafardo very reasonably wonders why there’s no rule in the book dealing with weather delays in postseason play. I suppose it’s one of those situations that had to happen before anyone would think to change the rules, but we are talking about a sport that has instructions in the rulebook for how to deal with someone who runs the bases backward (he’s out, if you’re wondering).

Roger Rubin of the NY DAILY NEWS has some “I told you so” posturing by one Philly weatherman. Another says there was really no way to tell when the rain would hit. Somehow, MLB’s personal weather service was more wrong than everyone else.

• The LOS ANGELES TIMES’ Bill Shaikin says Selig would love to play an afternoon game in the Series, but that ain’t happening due to TV. Mostly, though, MLB might never get over getting outdrawn by “Ellen” during the afternoon. This story also notes that it’s Cole Hamels‘ turn to bat when the game starts again, but Charlie Manuel will send up a pinch-hitter. Grant Balfour is the “current” pitcher for the Rays. David Price has been throwing in the bullpen for 28 straight hours.

• YAHOO! SPORTS’ Jeff Passan had an absolute meltdown in his column yesterday. Yeah, this whole thing is kinda annoying, Jeff, but the fabric of democracy has not been shaken. Passan laments the declining interest in baseball nationally, but he ignores the fact that everything is a niche now. Ticket sales are higher than ever, so baseball is doing just fine in the baseball world. No, not as many people watch on TV anymore, but in 1960 there were only like five channels you could watch and people were still marveling at the fact that the box in the living room was showing them moving pictures.

Hey, at least you got your free taco yesterday, right? You did remember, right?

Me neither. But these guys more than made up for the rest of us.

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