Jungers On The Record: ‘Sex Was Amazing, Crazy’

A member of the Tiger Woods (alleged) mistress parade, Jamie Jungers (photos), went on the record to the LONDON SUN today, declaring, “He deserves everything he gets.

Jamie Jungers Pics Tiger Woods Mistress Thumb

She claimed he wanted sex on demand and loved having dirty phone chats - while insisting everything was well with his marriage. The billionaire golfer flew blonde Jamie all over America during golf tournaments to satisfy his lust.

Junger alleges her 18-month relationship with golfer started in 2005 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas when she met Woods and the golfer’s childhood friend Bryon Bell. Shortly thereafter she said,  “Tiger and I went back to the room and just started making out.

“It just went from one thing to the next. We ended up having crazy sex for two hours. I remember him picking me up and putting me against the wall. And that’s when it turned into wild sex. It was really good.”

You know there’s more. Much.

Jungers said their first tryst came only eight months after Woods had wed Elin Nordegren.

“Later I said to him, ‘I don’t know a whole lot about your marriage situation. I know it is very fresh. I know you just got married. I mean, is it going OK?’ He said, ‘Yes, it’s fine, she’s in Sweden with her family’.”

Woods then flew her to Chicago that weekend, where he was playing at the Western Open.

“Tiger seemed excited to see me. It had been a week and it just happened like the time before, starting with kissing and then amazing sex again.” Jamie said they had sex three times that night and from then on she was bombarded with calls daily.

Weeks later, Tiger invited her to his family home near Newport Beach, California. It was to be one of around ten occasions she visited the property, with Tiger eventually picking her up from the airport himself.

Eventually, Jungers claims she started to feel remorse, eventually breaking off the affair because of her feelings for Nordegren: “It was heartbreaking. I imagined how she would feel if she knew I was in her house. … People are getting to see he’s not the great family-orientated guy everyone thought he was.”

More from Jungers on sex with Woods: “He was passionate and knew what he was doing. It became more like kissing, instead of just jumping right into sex. It became more affectionate. We talked quite a bit on the phone throughout the week. We’d talk about how we had amazing sex. We did definitely have sex talk.

Jungers said Woods would ‘baby talk’ to her and call her his “coffee cup.”

Additionally, Jungers also denied reports that she had used money from Woods to get liposuction.

Woods’ friend Bryon Bell was first identified by TMZ.com as facilitating Rachel Uchitel’s trip to Australia to meet the golfer. Bell is getting married in South Carolina this weekend and Woods was to be the best man, but he reportedly will now not show up.