Juicy: McGwire’s Steroid Dealer To Talk To ESPN

The walls may be closing in on Mark McGwire. Earlier today, the Busch family ripped into the former Cardinals first baseman. Statement from Adolphus A. Busch IV:

Mark McGwire Steroid Dealer To Talk To ESPN

The highly orchestrated apology by and on behalf of Mark McGwire has reached a point that tests one’s tolerance. I suspect I am not alone in my disappointment at McGwire’s recent “clarification” on his use of illegal steroids

Busch goes on to nail McGwire to the floorboards, along with Bud Selig and Donald Fehr. Doesn’t get more compelling than that for St. Louis Cardinals fans.

And that isn’t even the worst news of the day for McGwire.

ESPN VP of Media Relations Josh Krulewitz reports via Twitter: “ESPN has interview with McGwire’s steroid provider. Stay tuned..Info coming soon.

Krulewitz then emailed me directly with, “There will be a release with clips and pictures coming shortly. SportsCenter will have interview soon.”

How McGwire didn’t understand that the coverup is always worse than the crime is beyond me. I’m still dumbfounded that he lied repeatedly to the public in his bogus confession.

If McGwire’s steroid dealer does indeed report what has been long suspected, that McGwire was a sophisticated, hardcore user of steroids, how will the Cardinals hitting coach react? Will he acknowledge the truth or attack the credibility of the dealer? Knowing McGwire’s insufferable pomposity and narcissism, I’m guessing the latter.

In case you don’t know, ESPN execs will delight in the fact that they debunked the lies McGwire foisted on the public when he first spoke publicly to MLB Network - and not ESPN. The two nets have a major rivalry going, and this will be a major blow struck by ESPN if the steroid dealer has anything of substance to offer.

UPDATE (12:42p ET): More teases from Krulewitz on ESPN’s interview with McGwire:

If Paris Hilton was to take that array, she could run over Dick Butkus.

There are other things you can take for health that are anabolic, but it wouldn’t be that type of combination (that McGwire took.)

T.J. Quinn did the interview which will air on SportsCenter today. There will be a “larger take” on ESPN’s Outside the Lines on Sunday.