Judge Cites “Horrific Crime”, Still Releases Barrett

Erin Andrews’ alleged stalker, Michael David Barrett, was released today by a Chicago court after posting $4,500 bond.

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

(Michael David Barrett was released from Chicago court today)

U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys, who prefaced his judgement by saying, “If the allegations are true, they’re horrific“, ordered Barrett to be home confined between 9p and 6a. Barrett will wear a monitoring anklet and will not be allowed internet access for two weeks. He was also ordered to relinquish his passport by tomorrow morning, and he’s not allowed to leave the Chicago area.

Judge Keys indicated that Barrett’s clean record and local family presence led to his release. Barrett will travel, apparently by himself, to Los Angeles to face stalking charges on Oct. 23.

I don’t think Barrett should be released, more on principle. Truthfully, his possible punishment, which is a max five years in prison and a $250,000 fine is probably not enough for him to present a major flight risk.

The judge said it himself, the crimes, if true, are horrific.

At the very least, for the sake of Andrews’ sanity, you would think the judge would’ve considered holding Barrett in prison until his Oct. 23 court date, which is right around the corner.

Upon Barrett’s capture, Andrews’ attorney said, “She continues to be concerned about her safety because no one has closed the door on the possibility that there may have been others involved.