Juan Pierre Earns More Than Billy Donovan And Urban Meyer Combined

IF ONLY EMUNSTER AND MEYER COULD MUFF CANS O’ CORN: ORLANDO SENTINEL columnist David Whitley has the most improbable story since Dubya searched out discovered folks who actually don’t want to tar and feather him: The hoops coach at Florida makes more than the football coach.

Urban Meyer Florida Fans

As part Whitley’s piece, the unsung Sentinel, which happens to harbor the best collection of sports columnists of any sports section in the U.S., delivers the dead-on head: “Paid and Confused“.

Juan Pierre

And somehow, Whitley uncovers something crazier than Billy Donovan pulling down more than Urban Meyer: “Donovan and Meyer still combine to make $750,000 a year less than Dodgers center fielder Juan Pierre, who hasn’t won a national title and is batting .269.”