Josh Hancock Photo Drinking At Bar In Cincinnati And Fatal Crash Video

INTERNET PROVIDES PERSPECTIVE TO HANCOCK TRAGEDY: Some photos of Josh Hancock partying at a Cincinnati bar called O’Malleys during early May of last season:

Josh Hancock Drinking At Bar In Cincinnati O'Malleys

We’ve all seen plenty of online photos of athletes enjoying adult beverages while surrounded by hangers-on. This is just one more seemingly innocuous example and we’re in no way suggesting anything.

Josh Hancock Video

Meanwhile, the ASSOCIATED PRESS has video of Josh Hancock’s fatal crash early Sunday morning in St. Louis.More details are emerging about Hancock before he perished last weekend. He reportedly was involved in another crash involving a tractor-trailer three days before his highway fatality.

The ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH is also reporting that marijuana was found in the Hancock-driven vehicle that was involved in fatal crash: “Sources close to the crash investigation told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday that a small amount of marijuana, in a small tin, was recovered from Hancock’s demolished vehicle. A Cardinals source said the club was made aware of the finding Monday night.

And at least one online observer is questioning why Tony LaRussa didn’t crack down harder on Hancock for arriving late to the ballpark after his earlier crash - especially considering LaRussa’s recent DUI at Spring Training.