Jose Reyes Is Gonna Have Some Explaining To Do

The New York Mets look like they’re on the verge of another late season collapse, as they’ve lost their lead in the NL East and currently trail the Philadelphia Phillies by a half game. Still, you’ll have to forgive Mets shortstop Jose Reyes if he seems a bit distracted during the season’s closing weeks, because he may be trying to save his marriage.

Bentley Matthews

Photos recently surfaced on THE DIRTY from the MySpace page of a model named Bentley Matthews, and they don’t make it look like the friendship between the married Reyes and Matthews is the platonic type. Though, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary, Matthews claims there’s nothing going on between her and Jose.


“I have never had a relationship with Jose Reyes,” busty brunette Bentley Matthews insisted Wednesday after a gossip blog claimed she’s been having a road romance with Reyes.

Posted on are photos and statements that blogger Nik Richie says he took off the MySpace page of Matthews (that’s her modeling name). Although there are no pics of her and Reyes together, there is one of Reyes in his underwear watching TV and one of “our big bed where all the magic happens,” as Matthews is said to have put it.

Of course, since I realize some of you are what we call “visual learners,” here are some of the pictures in question.

Jose Reyes

And, finally, the “big bed where all the magic happens.”

See, this is why Derek Jeter hates camera phones.

So just to summarize, even though Matthews has pictures of Reyes in a hotel room in his underwear, of her and a friend half-naked and trying on his clothes, pictures of the sink they shared, and captions a photo of a bed claiming it’s where the magic happens, there is absolutely nothing going on between them! She slept on the floor, okay? They just played Magic the Gathering on the bed. That’s it.