Blog-A-Rhythm: No More Melissa Lima Sightings?

• DEADSPIN is saddened to hear Jose Lima may be done with baseball.

Jose Lima Wife

Sadder still, does this mean no more sightings of his lovely wife, Melissa?

• WITH LEATHER needs an athletic supporter, as Antwan Jamison gets crowned in the family jewels.

• CHATTER BALKS eavesdrops on the monumental meet-up between his holiness Pope Benedict & his heftiness Tommy Lasorda.

Michael Hiestand of USA TODAY hereby declares Erin Andrews as “TV sports’ first It Girl.”

Trevor Immelman may have gotten the green jacket, but Darren Rovell of CNBC knows that Nike was the real winner of The Masters.

• MELT YOUR FACE OFF talks trash, as they compare this season’s NHL playoff participants to the Garbage Pail Kids.

• HOME RUN DERBY takes a swing at the dynamic duo of White Sox callers Hawk Harrelson & Darrin Jackson.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK notices a slight difference in Malcolm Kelly’s dash numbers between the NFL and the player’s PR people.