Canseco Strikes Out On House, Turning To Sci-Fi?

Jose Canseco’s home run hitting days have been long gone for a while. Now the ex-Major League slugger has no home to run to.

Jose Canseco foreclosure

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Canseco had his $2.5 million California mansion foreclosed. Jose told the TV gossip show “Inside Edition” that he thought it didn’t make sense to “keep paying a mortgage on a home that was basically owned by someone else.”

So, now without a place to stay, what’s a washed-up ball player to do? How about writing another book? And why not make it science fiction?

Alien baseball

LAIST learns about Canseco’s future plans during a fun phone interview from Jose’s (now former) Los Angeles home.

While concocting concepts such as a martial arts-themed reality TV & a movie based on his life, Canseco claims he’s ready to put pen to paper once again. (And he sure could use the book advance to pay for a week’s lodging at the Encino Motel 6.)

But unlike his previous efforts - “Juiced” and “Vindicated” - that exposed the dirty underbelly of America’s pastime, Jose’s latest literary offering promises to be much more sinister:

“I am working on a third book which will be fiction … It’s going to be about baseball and cloning. It’s a very dark dark sci-fi story.”

Sounds scary! Of course, some might argue that with Jose’s first two books, he’s already mastered the fiction genre.

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