Jose Canseco Kicked Out of Mitchell Report Press Conference

JOSE CANSECO KICKED OUT OF MITCHELL REPORT PRESSER: As the Mitchell Report came out hard & heavy to the public, one figure wasn’t allowed to tell his story (or shill his book) at the press conference - Jose Canseco:

Jose Canseco Party Crasher

MY FOX NEW YORK reports that the former major league slugger-turned-author was denied access to the big unveiling in the Big Apple. As Jose left the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan, Fox 5 Sports reporter Duke Castiglione caught Canseco for a quick Q&A:Castiglione: Jose, did they not let you in?
Canseco: I guess not.
Castiglione: Do you think you got this started with your book?
Canseco: It would be pretty obvious I guess. I don’t know.

Juiced Canseco book

Castiglione: What brought you here?
Canseco: I’m in town to sign my book.
Castiglione: Clemens is allegedly on this list does that surprise you?
Canseco: No. Absolutely not.

Roger Clemens

Castiglione: Pettitte is allegedly on the list. Does that surprise you?
Canseco: Who knows?
Castiglione: How about the credibility of the list?
Canseco: I believe they’re going to leave off lots of players. That’s what I believe.
Castiglione: Why would you come to Senator Mitchell’s press conference to sign a book deal?
Canseco: No hablo ingles.Ay carumba!