Canseco To Seek Out, Crush Remaining Dignity

Have you ever seen the show Moment of Truth on FOX?

If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary of the show. Contestants are asked a series of personal questions while attached to a lie detector before the show. They are then put on stage in front of an audience and their closest friends and relatives while asked the questions again. If they answer truthfully (and destroy their marriages and families along the way), they get money. If they choose to save their dignity, they get nothing. It’s basically a microcosm of American life.

Well it looks as though the folks at the Moment of Truth may have met their match, because they’ve found a contestant with absolutely no dignity left. That’s right, baseball’s steroid bullhorn and Vai Sikahema’s personal punching bag Jose Canseco is going to be a contestant on the show.

From AM 570 KLAC in Los Angeles:

As I reported first on the PMS Show on Thursday afternoon, I have learned that former MLB Slugger, Jose Canseco will be in the hot seat on Fox’s Reality Show, “Moment of Truth” Canseco already has taped the episode and according to my source that was in attendance during the taping Canseco was asked if he ever injected Mark McGwire with steroids and if he ever corked his bat among other questions that were asked during the taping. The episode of “The Moment of Truth” with Canseco is supposed to air in late September or early October.

I only hope that Jose’s relationship with his brother Ozzie survives.

So what if I nailed your wife? I made $5,000, brah!