Ex-Cheerleader Will Stream Your Video Content

Yes, Josan Crawford (on the right, below) is the owner and co-founder of an Internet startup that features sports videos. But that’s where the similarities to Bill Gates or Mark Cuban end. Although I should reserve judgment until I’ve seen either of those guys in a Vikings cheerleader outfit.

Josan Crawford Vikings cheerleaders

Crawford is a veteran of the cheerleader wars, having served honorably with the Arena Football League’s Minnesota Fighting Pike cheerleaders; professional roller hockey’s Minnesota Arctic Blast cheerleaders, the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx Stunt Team, and four seasons as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader.

Now an assistant coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers (NBA dance teams have assistant coaches?), Crawford decided to branch out. Along with her husband, Wes, and brother, Billy Hengen, she started SPLAYBACK.COM, a kind of YOUTUBE for sports videos only.

The idea behind Splayback.com was to simplify the process of looking up sports video highlights so that people didn’t have to sort through all of the clutter just to see a short video clip.

And when they say all sports they mean ALL SPORTS. Everything from traditionally popular sports like and football and basketball, to less mainstream sports like squash and badminton are featured. There are instructional and training videos, and even cheerleading and dance.

Josan Crawford Vikings cheerleader

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I haven’t had time to play around on the site just yet, but on the surface it sounds like a good idea. Wading through all the sneezing monkeys on YouTube to find that Albert Pujols highlight can be annoying.

But Splayback also has a blog … original written sports content. That I have checked out, and let’s just say they should concentrate on the technical side until they get better writers.