Yanks’ Posada Puts Off Shoulder Surgery For Now

Just when things are starting to turn around for the New York Yankees, Jorge Posada goes and gets himself put on the 15-day DL with an injured right shoulder. Worse yet, it not just some simple soreness - the Yankees catcher was discovered to have a torn labrum & rotator cuff damage. Doctors have recommended surgery.

Jorge Posada Yankees dive

However, Jorge doesn’t want to go under the knife just yet, not when his team is only 3.5 games out of first in the AL East.

ESPN & NEW YORK NEWSDAY both report that Posada wants to try recovery through rehabilitation before undergoing any operation:

“I’ve got 15 days to make a decision,” said Posada, who went on the DL Monday. “I’ll rehab it and see how it feels and have a decision by then.”

If Posada does feel ready to play again in two weeks, it likely won’t be behind the plate. Jorge has said his shoulder doesn’t hurt while he’s swinging, but it doesn’t feel so great when he throws. So, how will Joe Girardi put Posada back in the lineup?

Posada could play first base or serve as the designated hitter, two spots at which the Yankees are overloaded with Jason Giambi, newly acquired slugger Richie Sexson, Johnny Damon and the injured Hideki Matsui.

“There are a lot of different things we could do,” Girardi said. “There are situations, maybe against a lefty. He might play first or Richie might play first and he might DH. There’s a lot of different things you could do.”

Or Posada can just do the surgery and call it a season. If so, that doesn’t mean Jorge can’t be productive in other ways. He can always start a blog, just like similar sore shoulderer Curt Schilling.