Jorge Posada Believes Roger Clemens. Seriously.

In what I have to assume is a terrible attempt at sarcasm, Yankees catcher Jorge Posada has gone on the record saying that despite the hearings last week where Roger Clemens revealed he didn’t know what a vegan was, he completely believes that Clemens didn’t take HGH or steroids.

Posada Clemens

Posada told the DAILY NEWS, “I support him; he said he never took it and I’m behind him 100%.” Wow. It’s almost as if Posada didn’t even watch the hearings. Oh, that’s right. He didn’t.

“Posada didn’t watch any of Wednesday’s congressional hearing involving Clemens and the pitcher’s former trainer, Brian McNamee, but has heard enough of Clemens’ story to know that he believes him.”

If there’s one thing I love more than biased opinions, it’s uninformed biased opinions. But believing Clemens would have to mean Posada considers Andy Pettitte a liar, doesn’t it? Nah. It’s just a case of everyone’s favorite made-up word, misremembering.

“It’s been so long ago that they talked about it, so I don’t know,” Posada said. “Andy said that they talked about it, and right now, I don’t know much about it. It’s going to keep going on. Rocket said it was a miscommunication or whatever, and I believe Rocket.”

Posada said he never saw the first moon landing, but Clemens told him it was all staged, so Posada believes that too. If Clemens told Posada that magical flying dragons are after his Cheerios and the only way to destroy them was by wearing a tin foil hat and reciting Journey lyrics on his roof, would Posada do it? I think so.