Jordan Farmar Prefers To Be Left Alone, Ladies

One of the advantages to being an athlete while you’re in high school, college, or on the professional ranks is the treatment you get from women. If you take a kid and make him a member of the school’s math team, odds are he’s not going to have very many math team groupies, and the ones he might have probably aren’t worth it. If you take that same kid and throw him on the football or basketball team, though, suddenly he starts getting a lot more attention from the ladies, especially if he’s a star on the team.

Jordan Farmar UCLA cheerleader

Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar knows this all too well. While Farmar rehabs from knee surgery, he’s keeping a blog at PLAYBOY.COM, and in his latest entry he tells us about some of his experiences with the ladies while he was still at UCLA. It turns out they have a thing for basketball players, and they were so attentive Farmar felt the need to move off campus just to get away from them.

From Farmar’s PLAYBOY blog (via GAME ON!):

UCLA has a lot of beautiful girls, including their cheerleaders. And female fans’ attention is part of the life on campus, and it’s all good. You’re young, you’re doing what you love and you get attention from girls and everyone else, ’cause they all know who you are. So it’s nice when girls give you that attention. But sometimes, the girls and fans can get a little pushy. You know how I am, I’m real low-key. I moved off campus my second year, so I’d just go to class and practice.

Groupies are always part of campus life and it’s something you have to watch out for. Girls used to come to our dorm room all the time, knocking on our door, leaving off notes and propositions. I was rooming with Josh Shipp, who’s still on the Bruins team. When we came in, we were all playing, all young, new on campus and girls would come in wanting to see you. They know all your stats, your personal info, where you’re from, they’ve Googled you. It’s crazy how they know you in and out.

And you get some invasion of privacy, like I said, they’re knocking on your door, all the time. There’s no secret where you’re staying when you’re living on campus. Most freshman and sometimes sophomores stay on campus, so they’re the ones getting hit on. Hey, if that’s what you want, that’s cool. But as you get older, as things get more serious about a possible pro career, you move off. Until then, there’s notes and cards under the door, gifts, Valentine’s Day-grams, all kinds of stuff. Girls in the stands are wearing your jersey with writing asking you to marry them. Anything you can think of, it happens.

Those poor athletes. Not only do they get free rides to college and then go on to make millions of dollars, but then they have to fight off all those women too!  It’s amazing more of them don’t end up killing themselves. Though, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m probably just bitter because I was that kid on the math team.

Having girls beg you to explain the quadratic equation to them while in bed just isn’t the turn on you’d think it is.