Jones Consider Pro Wrestling While Serving NFL Suspension

BOOT-STOMPING, OPEN-HANDED SLAP NEXT FOR PACMAN? Pacman Jones is really serious about getting reinstated by the NFL this season. Why else would he decide to get into the low-profile profession of pro wrestling?

Pacman Jones

The NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN reports that Jones is talking to the TNA wrestling organization about a job. An attorney for Jones, Worrick Robinson, claims the suspended NFLer won’t be grapplin’ though: “It is not anticipated that he’ll be wrestling, but discussions are taking place for him to have some role in their profession. But details have not be finalized.”

Meanwhile, the pro wrestling website 411 MANIA reports that Jones has already signed a contract with TNA and will wrestle: “Late last week TNA Wrestling signed suspended Tennessee Titan cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones to a contract that will see the NFL star perform as a wrestler.

Pacman Jones

We didn’t doubt the veracity of the report until we also read later in the story, “Reportedly the Titans has no issue with Jones getting involved in professional wrestling.

Right, why would Jeff Fisher have reason for concern? It isn’t like wrestling is rife with drug abuse and a high injury rate.