Blog It: Pap P.O.’s Gays For Elton John Remark?

• The BOSTON HERALD’s INSIDE TRACK hears that some gay folks in Beantown are somehow offended by Jonathan Papelbon’s off-the-cuff comments about “Elton John surgery“.

Jonathan Papelbon Elton John

• ESPN’s HASHMARKS has ex-Atlanta Falcon DeAngelo Hall still hating on ex-Falcons coach Bobby Petrino.

• THE 700 LEVEL tosses along video of Donovan McNabb taking batting practice with Ken Griffey Jr.

• Cameron Martin of ROTOHOG theorizes what would have happened had Kobe Bryant been traded to Chicago.

• Speaking of the Bulls, RANDBALL looks down under for the whereabouts of Luc Longley.

• THE SUGAR SHEET didn’t realize that Muhammad Ali passed away - at least that what his hometown newspaper said.

• Wunderbar! THE LADIES… sure love German boys.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME passes along news that the MLS is ready to ban a racist fan for life - if they can figure out who he is.

• RUMORS AND RANTS shares one sentiment with Bill Simmons - they’re both glad the ’80s are back.

• MY BRAIN SAYS RAGE believes this season’s Stanley Cup title for the Detroit Red Wings is the best one yet.