Jon Papelbon Says Manny Ramirez Is ‘Not Missed’

Jonathan Papelbon is still relatively young, but has obviously already made a name for himself as a premiere pitcher in baseball. That rep, combined with an equal level of skill and a fiery personality, usually lets him get away with saying anything he wants.

Paps on Mannys Junk

And that outspokenness, in turn, attracts the cameras. And perhaps the heinous red shades you’ll see in the video. But mostly the cameras. Comcast has such cameras, and they asked Papelbon to appear on them recently and talk about Manny Ramirez, which, as you can guess, was tons of fun for everyone involved.

You can watch the whole video, which is quite entertaining and which I recommend, right after the jump.

BONUS: Erin Andrews in a sundress type thing over his right shoulder the whole time. However, if you’re one of those jerkstores that has to “work” today, then hop on through to the 2:45 mark to hear Papelbon rag on Manny for a few minutes.

DOUBLE BONUS: Papelbon’s nickname is Cinco Ocho. He has no intention of changing it. Boo.

Oh, and since you didn’t ask, I’m not buying all the Manny hatred. Yeah, he brought it on himself, but the Red Sox ended their miserable 86-year drought and unleashed pain on America in the form of two World Series titles - and that was in no short part because ManRam is a ridiculous hitter. Take your clubhouse business and shove it.

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