Join Me Inside The Ohio State-USC Tailgate Scene

Snaps of tailgating before Ohio State-USC outside Ohio Stadium today. Whole scene was massive, but subdued. Not having school in session will do that, but we’ll see if crazies crawl haul out the couches onto High Street for a postgame *celebration*.

Ohio State Hottie Before OSU-USC 2009

(Larger image)

I’ll be Tweeting (hopefully) throughout the game and more importantly, postgame. My pick: Ohio State 17, USC 13.

USC Flag at OSU-USC Game in Columbus 2009

(That our flag was still theeeerrrrrreee…”)

Pete Carroll Wears A Snuggie Sign Ohio State USC 2009

(Sad: No off-color signs, tshirts, cigar smoke. What happened Buckeye fans?)

Ohio State tuba

(Will he or won’t he dot the “i” tonight?)

Ohio State Fans Before Ohio State USC game 2009

(Beanie actually sees action in this year’s USC-OSU game)

ESPN Radio Gameday at Ohio State USC Game 2009

(How does ESPN Radio draw a crowd? Flat screens my friend, flat screens)

Ohio State sports radio before USC-Ohio State 2009

(Slight upgrade from my days hosting OSU gameday shows. OK, not-so-slight)

Ohio State Fans Before Ohio State USC game 2009

(With students out, not much of this to speak of pregame. Bless their hearts.)

Paul Keels Voice Of Ohio State Football

(Celeb Alert! Paul Keels, OSU radio PBP and a good dude.)

Lots more pix coming postgame. My Twitter (text) probably won’t work inside the stadium, but again,  I’ll be Tweeting postgame, when the real fun is likely to start. (IT’S ON FAH-YR, ANDY!)