Johnny Miller: Tiger Will Have “a long row to hoe”

Golf announcer Johnny Miller didn’t let us down today on NBC’s telecast of the Riviera. Miller has a reputation as the most outspoken and sometimes prickly of the high profile golf analysts, and he certainly let Tiger Woods have it today.

Johnny Miller: Tiger has long row to hoe. (Ho Town)

(”Long row to hoe”: wasn’t that the problem?)

“He (Tiger Woods) has a long row to hoe to fix this thing. … He’s damaged the game of golf. It’s been hurtful. He’s lost a lot of respect and his integrity is pretty shattered right now. And more importantly he’s injured his marriage and his family.

“He’ll come back strongly because he’s got so much talent, so much game but he’ll have to go through a lot of media blitz. He’s become almost bigger than golf, Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine type of thing.

“He’s going to have to face the music and show he has done anything he can to repair his marriage and have some genuine sorrow in his voice and feeling from the heart to show he can change and make his life better.”

Expected nothing less from Miller, who is the best golf analyst in the business. Not because he’s always right, but because he’s so opinionated.

My other favorite golf TV guy is Gary McCord, who might wanna tip off Miller to Tom Watson’s enthusiasm for uninvited opinions.