Johnnie Morton Trains For UFC Fight June 2 In Los Angeles Matt Millen In His Sights

LION FANS NOT ONLY ONES LOOKING FOR MILLEN PAYBACK: The NEW YORK TIMES reports Tuesday that former longtime NFL wide receiver Johnnie Morton is attempting to enter the world of Ultimate Fighting.

Johnnie Morton UFC Training

Morton, who was forcibly retired (see cut) two years ago, has been training in Orange County for a couple months in preparation for bout on a UFC card in Los Angeles on June 2 (his opponent has still yet to be announced - volunteers?).

Johnnie Morton

The 37-year-old former Trojan, not satisfied to retire from the pro football with his brain and body intact, is also supposedly still harboring hope of restarting his NFL career (move on already!)

Johnnie Morton

The NYT gives us a little insight into what might be motivating him: “Morton said there was only one person in the N.F.L. he would really like to see in the ring — Matt Millen, the Lions’ president.

Johnnie Morton

Millen directed a homosexual epithet at Morton after a game between Detroit and Kansas City in 2003, when Morton was playing for the Chiefs.

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but this piece has a publicist’s fingerprints all over it. I don’t think Morton has any intention going back to an NFL training camp. Instead, he’s trying to use this notice as a springboard for a media career.

Jay Glazer Michelle Graci

As an aside, Fox Sports football reporter (and the closest thing to a human bobblehead that mankind has yet produced) Jay Glazer, is cited in the story as an Ultimate Fighter himself. I’m guessing that his number-one weapon at the local Fight Club is a headbutt that would make Zidane blush.