Johnnie Morton MMA Event At Los Angeles Coliseum Bordering Of Complete Disaster

MMA AT L.A. COLISEUM BORDERING ON BRINK OF DISASTER: SbB reported weeks ago that Johnnie Morton would make his MMA debut this Saturday as part of an enormous card at the L.A. Coliseum.

Johnnie Morton UFC Training

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports late Thursday that the event is bordering on becoming a complete disaster: “A week ago, the Japanese promoters promising the largest North American crowd to ever watch a mixed martial arts fight card had not received their license to stage Saturday’s Showtime and PPV televised show at the Coliseum.

Johnnie Morton

The promoters also have endured two fighters’ failed medical results, and they’ve told state officials of plans to hand out more than 70,000 free tickets.

Advice for those planning on attending the show: Don’t forget your tuberculosis mask and Raider fan-proof vest.