Salley Satisfied w/Daytona Over NBA All-Star Game

While LeBron James was earning kudos for his All-Star skills, SCOTT VAN PELT STYLE (via ESPN) finds one ex-NBA star dodging the dunks in New Orleans for the doings at Daytona.

John Salley Tom Cruise

John Salley spent his All-Star Weekend down in Florida, covering the 500 for Fox Sports’ “Best Damn Sports Show Period”. And it sounds like he’s happier at the racetrack than he would be hanging in the Big Easy:

I am so far away from the All-Star Game it’s ridiculous. I’ve dunked on people. I’ve done it all. This is the best s— I’ve seen in my life.”

So, why the high praise for NASCAR over the NBA? Simple: Salley wants in on some auto ownership:

I want to be a team owner. I want to be in this. I would help out with the money end and stand out front with a hat on.”

Ashley Judd Daytona dress

But if Salley thinks he’ll be the biggest attention-getter at the track, he hasn’t seen Ashley Judd.