John Rocker Batting Clean Up For Alex Rodriguez

The latest twist in the Alex Rodriguez saga brings us the ex-girlfriend of John Rocker, fitness model Alicia Marie. The 2004 Miss Bikini Universe tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS about her relationship to A-Rod.

ARod Alicia Marie John Rocker

(Rocker, ARod apparently both possess “orange in a sock” fetish) 

If she was trying to go to bat for Rodriguez she failed miserably. Alicia Marie explains the situation the best way she can.

“I am well aware that people will assume the absolute worst here, but Alex was, and to this day remains, just a close friend,” wrote the 5-foot-10 brunette. “Friends hang out together in each other’s apartments!”

I don’t know for sure but I’m pretty sure Alicia was never hanging out at Alex’s place with his wife and kids. The fitness model goes on to confirm Rodriguez’ preference in women.

She said their admiration for each other is physical. “He admires people who work their bodies into perfection.”

The reports of Rodriguez dabbling in Kabbalah make sense now. A-Rod has reached the point in his life where he’s willing to try anything to get rid of the dark cloud surrounding him. At the rate Alex is going he’ll be linked to Amy Winehouse and one of John Daly’s ex-wives by next week.