John McEnroe Claims He And Brother Patrick Will Take Over Don Imus Radio Slot

JOHN MCENROE CLAIMS HE AND BROTHER GOT IMUS’ SLOT: The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports today that during the Tribeca film festival in New York this week, John McEnroe “told Police Commissioner Ray Kelly that he and his brother, Patrick McEnroe, had been tapped to co-host the morning slot recently vacated by Don Imus.

John McEnroe Pat McEnroe Don Imus Radio Slot

This is the same John McEnroe who previously bombed as a TV talk show host on MSNBC. The NYDN report didn’t indicate if the McEnroes would be hosting Imus’ MSNBC or WFAN spots - or both. But you’d like to think the NBC suits are smart enough not to make the same mistake twice.