John Daly Wines Rolled Out To Help Golfer Kick Sobriety Habit

2007 WASN’T A GOOD YEAR FOR JOHN DALY’S SOBRIETY: John Daly, who has checked into the Betty Ford alcohol rehab clinic three times, has had a well-chronicled battle with alcohol over the years.

SbB recently posted his ill-advised Max-Fli commercial which features Daly indulging in an adult beverage or three on the golf course and in a Hooters restaurant roadhouse.

John Daly Wines

Now CBS SPORTLINE has another chapter in Daly’s long, strange string of endorsements - “John Daly Wines”: “Daly has a personal line of table wines in production, which sounds like such a bad idea on so many fronts, we don’t know where to begin. With regard to endorsements and infamous name-association deals, it seems roughly akin to inking Jack the Ripper to a chainsaw endorsement deal.

The wines have hit retail in Canada and Ireland and will likely be available in the U.S. very soon. Daly: “I’m not much of a wine drinker, but they are good.

John Daly Wine Thunderbird Night Train Express

Why is it that when we heard of “John Daly Wines”, we thought of this fine family of wines instead?